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Hey ya'll! Welcome to my little corner of cyberspace.

A bit about myself....

My name is Meg and am I a thirty-something living in a sleepy little town in northern Michigan, near the shores of Lake Michigan. I always say that when I grow up I am going to move to the big city, but where I call home feeds my need for quiet places and open spaces.

I live here with my two doggos, Sam who believes all food items as well as furniture and blankets and belong to him and Penny who has a wild, free spirit and lives life believing everyone is her best friend.

I started Miles from Ordinary as a place to share some of my favorite things and to keep me writing, which I have done since I was a kid.

I am absolutely obsessed with music and concerts. Some may even call me a music snob, which is o.k., I'm working towards acceptance on that front. For me, there is nothing better than a night out with friends taking in some good tunes.

I am an avid reader. My preferences of genre tend to bounce all over the place depending on my mood and I quite often have at least two or three books going at the same time. I also love cooking, crafting, movies and photography. Sherlock Holmes, the Detroit Tigers, and my first love was Han Solo.

You can also fine me on Goodreads, Twitter, Pinterest and Instagram!

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  1. Hello, I love the saying MilesFromOrdinary. I've been saying that for years :)