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I've missed this space, but have been struggling with how to use it. I don't have a niche and it seems like every one is supposed to have a niche that they fit into. It's all algorithms and exposure. 

I watched a video from one of my favorite creators on TikTok (holy cow am I obsessed with that app right now---total time suck but totally worth it for the laughs) where she talked about how she finally found her niche. She found the place where she feel comfortable and able to be herself. That's where I have been struggling and all I wanted to know what how she found her place. And then she told us.

Her niche? Her niche is herself. That's is. Just being 100% authentic self.

And that is why I am striving to be. And that is what I want to make this space into again. So that is what we are doing. Sharing all the things I want to share whether its about book, running, hiking, my dogs, a pretty picture I painted. 

I don't fit into one category and neither will my tiny space on the internet. I hope you decide to come along for the ride!


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