The House in the Cerulean Sean

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House in the Cerulean sea
House in the Cerulean Sea by TJ Klune


The House in the Cerulean Sea by TJ Klune has been my favorite book of the year this far. 

It follows the story of Linus, who is a case worker for the Department in Charge of Magical Youth. He is sent to an orphanage on Marsyas Island by Extremely Upper Management to check in on six dangerous children and their caretaker. He is sent to the island to make sure everything is on the up and up.


There he meets Arthur, the charming and mysterious caretaker, Ms. Chaplewhite a water sprite who looks over the island and the children: Chauncey, Lucy, Talia, Sal, Therodore and Phee. During his time on the island, he becomes more involved with this lives of the children and their caretakers.

This story is about kindness, acceptance, love and found family. The children will pull at your heartstrings and make you want to scoop them up and bring them home to be part of your own family.  But it is also a story of facing prejudice, assumptions about people and how we look at the world. It is a reminder that deep down inside each and every one of us that we are all human and desire the same thing: recognition and love for who we are.  

If you are looking for a heartwarming book about found family and love, I highly suggest you pick up a copy of House in the Cerulean Sea
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