One Word

07 January, 2019

When I decided on my “one word” for 2018, the original idea was to feel all the feels, do all the things and not be so scared about failing. I tend to shy away from things because I don’t know what the outcome will be and if I can’t control all the things, I’m not likely to take a change. Not a great way to go about things, I know.
I chose “Get Messy” because I felt like that little phrase encompassed all of that.
I had no idea though that life in 2018 would be beyond “messy”. It would be chaotic, painful, devastating and heartbreaking.
But if life wasn’t all of those things, would it mean we were actually living?
Going into 2019, I knew I needed to focus on what I needed the MOST right now. Not what I needed a year from now or five years from now. But in this very moment. In this time and space……what was it that I need to feel balanced and at piece.
That’s when I decided on the word “Calm” for 2019.
I can’t control what goes on around me. I can’t control how others respond and react to things at work, in my personal life, in the world in general.
But I can control how I allow it to affect me. I can control how I choose to respond. I can control how I allow it to influence my life.
Moving through the next 365 days, I’ll be focusing my energy making sure things I do, things I say serve me in a way that bring calmness to my life and not unnecessary chaos.

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