It's Happening!

26 March, 2018

I'd like everyone to go ahead and ignore all my previous posts regarding any training for running a 10k.

Why, you may ask? Well....I'm starting over because this happened....

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Friends and I are officially signed up to run the Across the Bay 10k in Annapolis in November!

Part of me is absolutely terrified.

And part of me is so unbelievably excited about it that I just can't stand it.

Because I haven't run an significant amount in quite a long time, I'm taking my time to prepare for this race.

I still plan on following the Half Marathon training plan from Run Eat Repeat to not only get me ready for the race, but to get me on a consistent  running plan.

I used to love running and am at a place where I'd like to fall in love with it again. And I think this is just the thing I need to help make it happen. 

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