TC Trimdown

29 January, 2018

We all have that one friend who is really good at talking us into doing stuff we normally wouldn’t do.

For them, that’s my friend Sarah.

She talked me into starting CrossFit. She nearly talked me into a running a Tough Mudder with her  last summer and she kinds of talked me into doing the TC Trimdown with her this winter.

The TC Trimdown is a 12 week weightloss challenge. She and I are team Iron Maiden and while the goal of the challenge is to shed some pounds, my goal (I can’t speak for Sarah) is to use this to help me get moving and to get ready for an upcoming even this fall (there will be a blog post coming up about that shortly).

Today is technically the start of Week 3.

We weighed in for the challenge on January 15 and while the number that came back on the scale wasn’t what I wanted to see, it didn’t freak me out as much as I thought it would. It’s the heaviest I have been in three years, which admittedly is discouraging. But not so insurmountable I can’t take the weight off again.

I used the first couple of weeks just to get myself back into the swing of things in terms of tracking my macros and getting in some good exercise. I didn't freak out if I wasn't totally spot on with my macros of if I didn't get a workout in. I wanted to ease into this rather than go full speed, because when I do that, I fail. And I don't want to fail again.

To sort out my macros, I use Avatar Nutrition. They use body weight, body fat percentage and activity levels to figure out your macros for you. They also have a shiny new app to track all your food which is a nice perk. It's a fantastic service, that is easy to use and has a super great community on Facebook.

As for my workouts, I’ll eventually end up back at the gym for my lifting program, but for now I’ll be writing my own. I need to sort some things out schedule wise before I can commit to my power lifting program right now. But, it was a lot of fun to get back to doing some movements I haven’t done while focusing on the big three (bench, deadlift and squats).

As we go into week 3, my plan is to do 6 workouts a week: 3 days of straight cardio, 3 days of strength training.

I know it’s going to be tough getting back into the swing of things, but I also know it is all worth it in the end. And even though the goal of the challenge is to "lose as much weight as possible", I just want to get back on track, to get moving and for my pants to fit again.

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