Sunday Confessions

19 February, 2017

Crazy Town // Holy cannoli. This past week has been crazy busy and the upcoming one is going to be just as nuts.

Reset // I don't know if this is really a "thing" but every so often I find that I need a bit of a break from the gym and from working out. And that is what I did this weekend. Usually, my long days are Saturday and Sunday because I, obviously, have the extra time. But the last few weeks have been ROUGH emotionally so I decided to take this weekend off from the gym, spend some time outside with Bandit and do some things to take care of myself mentally.

Journal Junkie // I am a journal junkie! Currently, I am working my way through three of bullet journal, my workout journal and I just recently started back with a "regular" journal.  But one night after falling down the blackhole called YouTube and all the videos about journaling, a NEW (to me) style popped up! A Travelers Notebook. Sooooo...yeah, I bought one. I love it and have started making my own inserts because because it's cheaper and a way for me to distract myself and be creative.

Sunday Confessions

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