Sunday Confessions

12 February, 2017

I've had this draft open on my screen but haven't been able to bring myself to type anything. It's not that I haven't had ANYTHING to say. It's more like I've had too much to say and I can't get it cohesive enough to make any sense!

The gym life has been hard recently. Not physically, but mentally. Even though the numbers have been going up, the 'ole self esteem has been going down. If only I could get those to to UP at the sam time. Ah well.....sometimes life it all about being a "work in progress". At. All. Times.

I know I promised updates on my bullet journal and I'm working on it. It's just that it is totally has evolved into something different than I had intended it to be. It's also spawned a new journal that I'm working on as well. So again, as soon I am wrap my head around everything I will do a post or two about them.

Sunday Confessions

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