Sunday Confessions

08 January, 2017

Winter // O.k. I get it. I made a decision to live in an area of the country that has to endure winter but for crying out loud, does it have to be THIS cold. Again, I know. It couldn't be colder, but still, when you're excited that the temperature is predicted to be double digits, heck even in the positive with the windchill, it's a bit much.

2nd Worst // In case you thought I was joking, even The Thrillest ranked Michigan as the 2nd State in the Nation with the WORST WINTER!! We only came in second to Minnesota. We even, apparently, have a worst winter than Alaska. How does that even happen?!

2017 Goals // It dawned on my that I didn't do my usual "Non-New Year Resolutions" post this year. It's mostly because I don't really have any. Really, all I've managed to come up with are weightlifting goals, run/row/walk/bike 2017km and read 30 books. Not exactly "post worthy".

Thanks Obama // I haven't been able to watch or read any of the "Why we are going to miss the Obamas" posts that are floating around. It makes me too sad to think we are going from an amazing Presidency to the dumpster fire that is Trump.

Sunday Confessions

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