Sunday Confessions

22 January, 2017

I try to stay away from politics as much as I can, but my frustration and anger over Donald Trump being elected president is no longer about politics. It is about a horrible human being being elected to represent the United States of America. We are better than this.

Yesterday I attended the Women's March: We Are Watching in Traverse City. I didn't really know what to expect, but it was SO great to be involved in what was happening. There were so many people of different ages, races, was inspiring to know we aren't alone in our frustration and anger over what is happening in our country right now.

At bookclub the other night, one of the members told me about Indivisible Guide. It's a guide (duh, Caption Obvious) on what we can do to remain engaged with Congress and to make sure our voices continue to be heard. I've not had a chance to really dive into it, but from what I've heard, it will be a great resource.

Sunday Confessions

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