Sunday Confessions

15 January, 2017

If I never have to hear the phrase “It is what it is” again I’ll be the happiest person on the face of the earth.

I was recently invited to join a Fit Mom’s group on Facebook, which is awesome. But I’m not a mom so yeah….don’t think I’ll be joining.

I spent one of my lunch hours this last week explaining Pokemon Go to some of my coworkers. They even made me take a picture of them with one of the rattatas after I caught it.

I’m totally torn about the re-opening of the Crossfit box I used to go to. It is under new ownership which is awesome and I would like to go back, but it is SO hard to give up the extra time I have in the evenings now.

I just finished watching The Magicians on Netflix. My final thoughts on the series, "W. T. F." Seriously. It started off pretty good. I mean, I was annoyed with the character Julia RIGHT from the beginning, but holy wow did it take a turn for the weird for 4 episodes left.

Sunday Confessions

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