Self Care

19 January, 2017

Anyway I try to frame it, the end of 2016 was ROUGH.

There was the whole frustrating election thing that happened in November.

A relationship with someone I saw myself for the long haul came to an abrupt end with absolutely NO answers as to why.

I left my Crossfit box and family, which had been a constant source of distraction for more than a year.

And I struggled with a HORRIBLE bout of depression.

To be honest, I’m not sure I ever remember my depression being quite as bad and/or intense as it was. It was nearly three months of panic attacks, paranoia, feelings of complete hopelessness and loss. I was basically a walking billboard for antidepressants.

As I worked with my doctor and counselor to figure out the best plan to get myself back on track, I started a section in my bullet journal of self-care ideas to help pull myself out of negative thinking and self-talk.

These are some of my favorite self-care things I can do for myself.....

Watch My Favorite Movie: I don’t care how many times I have seen The Avengers, the more I watch it the move I love it. It’s a definite go-to when I need something to distract myself with.

Listen to Music: Music, if it were considered a drug, would be my drug of choice. I listen to it when I am happy, when I am sad, when I am bored, when I need a distraction while I work on other stuff. It is the background to my lift, so when I’m feeling off, if I put on a playlist of some of my favorite songs or songs that fit my mood, it helps me to refocus my energy on something else.

Go for a Long Walk/Play Pokemon Go: When I am feeling depressed, all I want to do is hide under all the blankets I own and pretend the outside world does not exist even though I know going outside, getting some air and sunshine makes me feel instantly better. Playing PokemonGo does all of the above… gets me out of the house with Bandit for a long walk. It gets me outside, hunting down those little buggers or getting in just ONE MORE kilometer so that I can hatch one of the eggs I have incubating. It sounds like kind of a goofy idea, but it works.

Call/Text a friend: Reaching out and asking for help is never easy. But if you have a friend who you can reach out to, it can make all the difference. I am very fortunate to have a couple that I can reach out to when I just need someone to tell me I am going to be o.k.

Fall Down the Black Hole of YouTube: Cute puppy videos. Cats being weird. Humans being weird. There are all kinds of things that can suck you in and make you feel even marginally better because sometimes laughing really is the best medicine.

What kind of things do you do to take care of yourself?

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