Sunday Confessions

09 October, 2016

Fall // Weeee!! Fall has officially arrived in northern Michigan and I am SUPER excited about it. Crips weather. Hot coffee drinks. Leaves changing colors. An excuse to wear skinny jeans with boots. I love this time of year!

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All The Yarn // The cooler temperatures also mean that the urge to crochet has hit again. Last weekend I made 4 hats alone! Not all of them were for me, because honestly, who needs that many hats, but they are still super fun to make.

Recovery // This past week I had an appointment with an orthopedic surgeon to discuss my MRI results to to talk options. Sadly, he is the second doctor to tell me I should give up on Crossfit, which is simply not going to happen. Instead, after talking additional options, we agreed that physical therapy is the best option at this point. Thankfully, my boss specializes in sports medicine and is already planning my treatment.

Sunday Confessions

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