Sunday Confessions: Life Lately

02 October, 2016

Well, hello there October! Wasn't expecting to see you quite so soon!

Boring // Life has been pretty dull as of late. I feel like all my days are the, crossfit, eat, sleep, repeat.

Crossfit // I'll eventually do a full post dedicated to this, but I've been working with my crossfit coach, Trevor, since May on getting my diet/nutrition whipped into shape. Needless to say, it hasn't been going well at all. We meet again this week and I think it's time to rethink so of my goals because right now, constantly not hitting my macros and weigh-in expectations is killing my self esteem.

Ortho // Tomorrow afternoon I am off to meet with the orthopedic surgeon to discuss my ankle problems. The MRI I had last month showed that I do indeed have Achilles tendonitis but also a split in one of other tendons in my ankle. Fingers crossed I don't end up casted or in a boot for the next 4 weeks.

Sunday Confessions

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