Sunday Confessions

21 August, 2016

Overwhelmed // I never thought I'd say this, but I am ready for summer to come to an end. It's been three-ish months of some pretty ridiculous ups and downs. And I need a break.

Blogging // I've kind of given up on having any sort of a regular blogging schedule. I know things will eventually fall back into place, I just need to give myself some slack and take a deep breath.

Olympics // I haven't watched any coverage of this years Olympics. I actually can't remember the last time I watched any of the Olympics, summer or winter.

Movie Night // I've decided that rather than waiting for friends to be available to go see movies I want to see, I'm just going to start taking myself. First up....Suicide Squad. I know it's already been out for awhile, but I'm going to see it later this week and I can't wait!

Sunday Confessions

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