Sunday Confessions: Playing Catch Up

10 July, 2016

Holy wow.....again, totally didn't plan on taking SUCH a long break but here we are, nearly to the middle of July already.

Crazy Town.

Here's a little recap of what has been going on.....

FireFly Music Festival // I had planned to do a whole recap of this, but it obviously didn't happen. Last month I headed to Delaware with 2 good friends for a weekend of good music. It was amazing! I discovered some really great new-to-me bands, saw some favorites and spent a lot of quality time with a couple of quality ladies!

CrossFit & Gettin' Fit // About 6 six weeks or so ago, I sat down with my CrossFit coach, Trevor, to figure out a plan to lose some weight, gain some muscle and just basically kick some ass. I am happy to say I have seen some pretty big improvements since following his advice. The scale hasn't really moved, but my clothes fit better, I am definitely seeing some new muscles, my lifts have gotten better but more importantly, I FEEL better and with that has been a pretty big boost in confidence.

Dating // I am SO done with this for the foreseeable future. Like I was telling a friend this weekend, I never saw myself as someone who would eventually get married. I always figured if it happened, it happened but if it didn't it wouldn't make my life any less fantastic. So, I'm setting the whole notion of dating aside and am just going to enjoy whatever weird things life throws at me.

Sunday Confessions

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