Sunday Confessions

31 July, 2016

Happy almost August!!!!

Pokemon Go // I, like a whole heck of a lot of people, have become OBSESSED with this dang game. Bandit I have been on more walks trying to catch and hatch those dang Pokemon that I care to admit to. But it makes the walks much more entertaining and let's be honest, it's kind of a fun game.

Summer Wardrobe // I headed out for an evening with friends last night and realized that my wardrobe consists of work clothes and workout clothes. It does NOT consist of clothes to simply go hang out in.

Writing // I've been doing a lot of writing lately. Lots of poetry, lots of journal entries, lots of half written blog posts. I apparently have a lot in my head that needs to get out.

Duped // A couple of weeks ago I had a massive adult sized bombed dropped in my lap. It has turned into one of those "Oh man. If I survive this in tact, this is going to make an AWESOME 'You'll never believe this!' story". I'm still trying to come to terms with it, how I feel about it and what I am not-so-responsibly doing about it.

Sunday Confessions

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