Sunday Confessions

08 May, 2016

Too Old // I am officially too hold to pull an all-nighter. Which is totally what I did on Friday night. Don't get me wrong, it was TOTALLY worth it. I'm just exceptionally exhausted.

Reaching Out // This past week I met with the coach at my CrossFit box to talk about the fact that a) I have been feeling like crapola during my workouts at the box and b) I'm not opposed to gaining weight if I am loosing fat and gaining muscles, but I'm not really feeling like I'm at a place where the weight I have gained means I am gaining THAT much muscle. Even though I left with more questions than answers (we're meeting again this week), it was nice to just get it all off my chest and to actually be "forced" to figure out what my goals to this whole thing are.

Bloglovin' // Has anyone elses Bloglovin' space gotten all weird lately or is it just mine? I feel like there are all KINDS of blogs in my feed that I know I didn't follow but can't seem to unfollow them, posts showing up multiple times and the ones I want to read are M.I.A. Soooo frustrating.

Let's Talk About Sex // Part of me wants to do a whole post about the topic, but another knows that if I do there will be a whole lotta explainin' to do on my part especially because the first rule of sex (or so I have been told) is that you DON'T TALK ABOUT SEX. But whatevs. We'll see.

Sunday Confessions

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