Welcome to April First!

01 April, 2016

This is not a test.

This is not an April Fools joke! I promise.

Do y’all ever feel like you’re plugging along nicely, taking a wee break to get your head and thoughts together and the next thing you know, it’s April 1?!


I don’t know what happened to the first part of 2016. It seems like yesterday was January 1, but now POOF! Three whole months have passed.

Without going into all of it, the last three months have been weird.

Thus far I have…..
--gone on more failed dates than I can keep track of
--nearly quit CrossFit because it was no longer fun and if it isn’t fun, what’s the point?!
--signed myself up to learn a little bit more about strong man lifting (more on that in a couple of weeks)
--decided to “keep things casual” with a dude and it’s been kind of awesome
--been falling in and out and in and out love with my photography project (update coming soon!)
--decided to get my ass organized and started a bullet journal type planner for myself
--signed up for a nutrition seminar coming up to help me reach some of my lifting goals
--put together a schedule/checklist to keep the ‘ole blog from going stale

Here is to a great month!

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