Sunday Confessions

24 April, 2016

Apologies // I totally appreciate the time y'all take to comment on my posts and I feel bad that I don't always get a chance to return the love.

Broken // I've decided that I am broken. Totally met a super sweet guy, who is nice and fun to be around and seems to really like me but all I seem to be doing is trying to figure out what is wrong with him. So yeah....I have no idea what to do with myself over the whole thing and I'm liking giving up too quickly, but I feel like it isn't fair to him to keep seeing him or anyone else for that matter until I figure my own shit out.

The Project That Wasn't // I shouldn't be surprised, but this week saw the end of my photography project. It wasn't intentional. It was really just a case of waking up on Thursday morning and remembering that I forgot to take a photograph the day before. I'm still not totally willing to bail on a yearlong project though. I have until the end of today to decide whether or not I'm going to turn it into a weekly project instead.

Sunday Confessions

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