Sunday Confessions

10 April, 2016

Best Intentions // I had the best of intentions of putting myself on a blogging schedule. I wrote it out. Had a solid plan. But then kind of forgot to actually write the posts before the "scheduled" dates I had selected. Whoops!

Strongman // I attended a strongman seminar this weekend at the CrossFit box I belong to. It was.....interesting. I don't plan on doing any type of competitions or lifting outside of CrossFit, but it was nice to get a new perspective on some of the lifts I struggle with.

Kind of a Big Deal // I apparently should have done a little more research about the folks who came to do some of the demonstrations at the strongman seminar this weekend. Two of them were kind of a big deal in the sport. Kalle Beck and Mike Caruso were there to walk us through some of the "events" one might see at a strongman competition as well as help with some of our lifts. I do have to say, it was kind of awesome to have Mike Caruso tell me my deadlift looked "really good".

Sunday Confessions

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