Sunday Confessions

03 April, 2016

April Fools Day // For the most part, I HATE this day. It feels like it's only purpose is to give people permission to be asshats because as long as they say, "Hahahaha! April Fools!" after whatever it is they just did, it's cool. But it's not cool. It's annoying.

WOD of Death // I always check to see what the WOD (a.k.a. Workout Of the Day) at the box even if I know I'm not attending that day. This is what the posted WOD was on Friday:
A photo posted by Meg M (@meglmy) on
Obviously it was a joke, but could you imagine?! It would take me HOURS to complete this. And then I would likely die.

British Crime Shows // Anyone else agree that British crime dramas are far better than American crime dramas? I am currently OBSESSED with Hinterland. So so good!

Sunday Confessions

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