Sunday Confessions

27 March, 2016

Spring Fever // I have a serious case of spring fever right now. Bandit and I have been spending as much time as possible in the woods on the weekends. He gets to be off leash and track down all of the smells he wants to while I run the trails. I’m fairly certain I speak for the both of us when I say it is the best part of the weekend.
Bandito // Speaking of the big guy, he had a GREAT follow-up visit with the vet this week. His blood sugar was down over 200 points, he put some weight back on and has just generally been feeling better.  The last few weeks have been super stressful wondering if the insulin and new diet were going to work, so we all definitely breathed a sigh of relief after these tests came back!
Lumps and Bumps // I thankfully have a fantastic relationship with my regular doctor. He humors all of my weird questions and freakouts over ailments and illnesses. Like this week when I went to see him because I was pretty convinced I found a tumor, but he really wanted to discuss the giant bruise on my chin from whacking it with the barbell earlier this week. Thankfully, what I found was not tumor nor was it something I need to worry about. And he was pretty impressed with my CrossFit lifting accomplishments.
Medication Usage // I think I’d like to have the job that comes up with fun ways to word how/when someone should use a medication. Seriously. My doctor gave me a new medication to try for a chronic skin condition I have and it reads “apply when practical”. At what point, did this company receive a very detailed complaint from a user that they needed to add “apply when practical” to the usage directions?!
March Madness // We did an office tournament for this years NCAA tournament. We each threw in $1, filled out a bracket and hoped for the best. I’m not sure if it was just by a stroke of genius or what, but at this point it has come down to myself and one other guy to take the top spot. Fingers crossed the teams I pick held on long enough for my bracket to beat his.
Dating // I’m done with this adventure for awhile. Last weekend I went on a blind date type of date and even that didn’t work out. It’s hard to not wonder “What is wrong with me?!” when time after time things don’t move beyond the first date and the common denominator in all of this is ME.

Sunday Confessions

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