Sunday Confessions

06 March, 2016

WAG // Today I am starting a 21 day challenge with Working Against Gravity. My eating and nutrition has been all over the place and I need to get back on track. A couple folks who go to my crossfit box are doing this and have been really happy with it. This is what the website has to say about the challenge:
The goal of this challenge is to start working towards a body and mind you’ve always dreamt about, and to feel like food has no power to cause you stress, frustration, or discomfort. By the end of these 21 days you will learn how to navigate your relationship with food. We want you to love yourself and your body, all while connecting and engaging with the people and activities that make you happy, truly happy. 
We shall see how it goes!

Dating // Oiy vey. This has been an adventure. And the meme I posted the last time I actually sat down to write something for the 'ole blog still applies.

Blogging // I have so many ideas for posts that I want to write. I just haven't been able to find the time to write them! Hopefully things will be slowing down soon and I can get pen to paper again.

Sunday Confessions

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