Catching Up

15 March, 2016

Holy radio silence, Batman.

I’m hoping this recent unintended break from the ‘ole blog is done, but I can’t commit to that right now.

Life, all of a sudden, decided to blow up and I feel like I’ve been running around like a chicken with my head cutoff the month or so. But here is a quick update of how things have been going.....

CrossFit // I am still going three times a week and my love/hate relationship grows stronger after each class. I’ve been trying to push myself harder when working my way through the AMRAP’s and Metcons (moving faster and using heavier weights), use a “weaker” resistance band for pull-ups and I even did an actual box jump! But there are still days where I feel like I took a massive dosage of suck before going in. Like last night for example. Part of the workout was 3 rounds of the following using a 55lbs barbell: 30 Reverse Lunges in either the front rack position or on your shoulders, 20 push-presses and 10 good mornings. I. Wanted. To. Die. It felt like I had never workout before in my life. Awful. Just awful.

Bandit // The big guy gave me quite a scare. Short version is that after multiple accidents in the house and a hard time getting it cleaned up (it was like sugar water), I hauled him off to the vet to try and figure out what was going on. After some blood work and urine test, we found out that he is severely diabetic! It was potentially so bad, the vet was considering sending the two of us to another clinic that could keep him under 24 hour observation. Thankfully, it didn’t come to that, but he is now on a pretty strict diet and receiving insulin shots twice a day. He’s doing much better about the whole thing than I am. But I’ve at least been able to give him his last few shots without crying, so that’s a plus.

Dating // I’m still doing it. It’s hard to not feel like there is something wrong with you when you keep going on first dates but none of them stick. Although, I did have one date that had the potential for a second until he turned into a SUPER over texter. I don’t like feeling like I constantly have to be in communication with someone and I really don’t like being made to feel bad when I don’t text someone back right away. But that’s exactly how I was feeling so even though some friends think I jumped the gun on bailing on the guy, I’m following my gut on this one and not giving it a second thought.

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