Weekly Workout {Week 4 & 5}

10 February, 2016

I haven't exactly been keeping up with tracking my workouts. I'm getting them done, just haven't been logging them in the 'ole workout journal.

I will say though that ended January on a high note. I am finally, FINALLY, feeling like all the time and effort at the box has been paying off. I feel like I am getting stronger, my stamina is improving and I just generally feel better about myself.

As I mentioned on Sunday, I was named January's Athlete of the Month at my CrossFit Box. I think the whole thing is super weird, especially because I HATE being in the spotlight for anything. But, regardless, it's still a pretty cool honor and something I'm pretty proud of.

I thought I'd share with y'all the little write-up I had to do for the box. I feel like it gives a pretty good insight on how I feel about CrossFit and why I do it. And I think it's kind of funny......

I super hate talking about myself but there isn't a service I could outsource this to, so here goes nothing......I have lived in northern Michigan for my entire life with my best four legged bud Bandit.  I am finishing my degree in psychology. Currently, I am the clerical coordinator for the Rehabilitation Services Department at a local hospital. I love to travel (especially when it involves a concert or music festival), being behind my camera, having my nose in a book, crocheting a new creation, or running with Bandito. I'm pretty much a musical encyclopedia, and know the most random facts, which makes me a great person to have on your team for trivia night.

When did you join Cold Front CrossFit? Why did you join Cold Front: I joined ColdFront in June of last year. My friend and fellow ColdFront member Sarah convinced me to try it out after I parted ways with my personal trainer. She suckered me in by inviting me to join her on a day with a relatively "easy" workout that included deadlifts.

What do you like most about CrossFit: I love the mental challenge of CrossFit. For someone who isn't "athletically inclined", some of the workouts and strength pieces can be extremely intimidating. I like that every time I step into the Box I'm forced outside of my comfort zone and usually surprise myself at what I am able to do/accomplish. I also dig the community atmosphere at ColdFront. Everyone is extremely supportive and encouraging; definitely people you want to have in your corner.

What is your favorite workout: I really love lifting. Lifting is my favorite, especially deadlifts. Those are my jam. I'm also (apparently) one of the few who doesn't mind a WOD that includes a little running.

What is your least favorite workout:
Anything that involves burpees. I hate burpees with the fury of 1000 suns. And push-ups. I really don’t like push-ups either.

What is your favorite cheat meal: I feel like all my meals are cheat meals, but mashed potatoes are a favorite.

Which Doctor Who is your favorite and why: This is like asking a parent to pick their favorite child. But if I have to pick just one, I’d have to go with the Tenth Doctor. He went on some of the best adventures and got to hang with the Adipose.

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