Weekly Workout {Week 1}

16 January, 2016

 One of the things I have pledged to do this year is to never miss a Monday workout. Even if there is an impending snow storm.

It’s great way to kick off the week and I kind of feel like if I can manage to make it to a Monday workout, the rest of the week should be easy peasy.

The first CrossFit workout I did for the year was a doosey. It was Diane.

Diane is one of the benchmark workouts in CrossFit. These workouts are used to measure how well you’re doing or how much you have improved.

Diane is 21-15-9 of deadlifts at 155lbs. and handstand push-ups. Because I can’t even do a handstand, the scaled version of the workout is tiger pushups. When I did Diane in October, I think I did it by myself my time was 7:41 minutes.

This time around, because there were so many people in the class, we were broken up into 2 heats based on skill level and the “estimated” time it would take us to finish the workout. When Trevor was telling us who would be in which heat, I wandered off to the side of the gym figured I’d be in the 2nd group.

Nope. No such luck.

Trevor stuck me in with the first group because “he knew” we would finish the workout in a pretty timely manner. When I reminded him of my time, he just smiled and told me to “load the bar”.

Here’s the thing, it doesn’t seem to matter how much weight I lift or how many times I’m told “Quit your bitchin’, you got this”, I don’t believe it. I don’t think I am strong. I don’t think I am fast. And I certainly don’t feel like I’ve "got" anything. But I'm learning to trust Trevor, even when half the time I think he is totally crazy.

I'm not going to sugar coat it, 155lbs is a lot of fucking weight. Especially when you have to lift it for a total of 45 reps. Almost immediately, I broke the reps into sets of 10 and then to sets of 5 to save my hands. The tiger push-ups were only terrible because all forms of push-ups are terrible. I'm still not convinced I get my head "close enough" to the floor, but until Trevor yells "No rep!" at me, I'm not going to worry too much about it.

I was pretty excited to see my time on the clock when I finished my last push-up: 4:55 minutes! Taking off almost a full 3 minutes from my time is something I'm pretty proud of, especially when I wasn't sure I was going to even hit my old time!

Monday: CrossFit
Tuesday: CrossFit
Wednesday: Off
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Sunday: Off

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