Sunday Confessions

24 January, 2016

One of the things I love the most about going to CrossFit is the absolute feeling of family with the coaches and other members at the Box. I remember being totally freaked out about going to a class by myself and worrying if they would accept me. Everyone is extremely supportive and even make the bad days fun. They are seriously some of my favorite people, even if the only time we see each other is at the box. Plus, the owners chocolate lab, Gage, gives the best hugs.

Remember last week when I wrote, “I’m going to totally screw this up!” about Z. Well. I think I did screw it up, which sucks. In the past, I have always left things in the hands of other people. If I liked hanging out with someone, I waited for them to ask for the “next date”. If I had feelings for someone, I’d wait until they proclaimed their feelings first because it was safer. I didn’t have to be vulnerable or take a chance that they didn’t like me back or feel the same way. But this time, I took a chance, threw caution to the wind and let him know how I felt. I struggled with it being “too soon”, but I just feel like if you like someone and you like spending time with them, you should tell them. Because you’ll never if they feel the same way if you don’t ask.

Even if Z didn’t respond the way I was hoping, I think it is awesome that the poet who wrote the poem I sent him thought it was an awesome way of telling him. And my friends thought it was a cute/clever way of telling him, so I’m taking that as a win.

And can we take a moment to discuss the ridiculous “rules” of dating? Like the whole, “Don’t text him first!”, “Don’t offer to pay for dinner on the first, second, third date!”, “Don’t tell him/her how you feel to quickly or you’ll freak them out!”, “But don’t wait too long or he/she will lose interest!”. How is anyone supposed to operate under those conditions?! I say we make our own rules because at least the consequences will be of our own doing and a little easier to stomach.

Sunday Confessions

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