Sunday Confessions

17 January, 2016

Editing // Holy massive typos, Batman. I need to remember that when a post freaks me out and it super personal, I can’t just hit publish and walk away. I still need to review what I’ve written, even when it makes me anxious.

Z // I am going to totally screw this up, but holy crap do I like this guy. I just said to a friend the other day, I don’t ever recall feeling this comfortable around someone. He feels like an old friend who gives you butterflies and makes you smile. And he is willing to make the drive to come see me so I'm not always driving to see him, which is kind of a big deal. To think I almost didn’t respond to his message. I have Micah to thank for giving me a nudge to do so, even if she didn’t know she was doing it.

Wellness Challenge // As a group, the Box I go to is doing a 6 week nutrition/fitness/wellness challenge. I was all set to sign-up until I read "you must submit a video of your experience". I was good with the weigh-ins, measurements, strict nutrition and exercise program, but doing a video?! NOPE!

Sunday Confessions

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