Sunday Confessions

10 January, 2016

Tarot // Just before the new year, Nikkiana was offering "pay what you can afford" tarot card readings. I had her do one for me and despite being "frustrated" at what the cards said the first time I read it, it's made a huge difference on my outlook for 2016. I wrote a full post about it for the blog, but still, it was absolutely eye-opening. I'm so glad I did it.

Good Eats // I have managed to COMPLETELY fall off the healthy eating bandwagon. Big time. For dinner last night, I ate an entire bag of peanut butter m&m's. Whoops!

366 Days // The other night I posted this on Twitter: I will never understand my sense of comfort with my body and photography. And it's so true. I have no qualms about stepping in front of my camera sans clothes, but want nothing more than to hide under umpteen layers of cloths in real life. So bizarre.

Sunday Confessions

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