Sunday Confessions

03 January, 2016

2016 // Holy crap. I'm not ready for it to be 2016. I'm just not.

Ideal Date Day // I think of any day of the week, I prefer Sunday's for a first date. Seriously, they are low key, if it goes well it's a great way to start your week and if it goes poorly you can us Monday as an excuse to cut them short.

First Date // I went on a date with a guy last weekend and had a really good time. We went to a train show, textile display at the local museum, had lunch and geeked out over music at his house for a couple of hours. It was so refreshing to spend time with someone who actually enjoys the same things that I do and wasn't just humoring me. We haven't made any plans for a second outing, but there has been texting which I feel like is always a good sign.

365 Days // Actually, it should be 366 days seeing as it is a leap year, but regardless, I've decided to once again do a photography project this year. Technically, it'll be a self portrait project because I'll be in all the photos, but all black and white and pushing the limits of my comfort zone.

Sunday Confessions

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