Music Monday {Mike McGee}

25 January, 2016

Oh. I think it's time to bring back this series.

Like most former angsty teenage girls, I have notebooks full of poetry lamenting a broken heart or how I didn't fit into the world.

Poetry is one of the reasons I love music so much. Songs are simply poems set to music.

I was first introduced to Mike McGee's poetry when I went down the Youtube rabbit hole watching performances by Anis Mojgani and Derrick Brown. I then had the pleasure of meeting him after a performance he did a few years ago. He is, by far, one of the nicest people I have ever met.

His poem Like is one of those things that stuck with me the first time I heard it. It made me wish I could string together words like he did and put my feelings down on paper in a way that conveyed a feeling beyond just the surface of the poem. I think I may have shared it before, but seeing as it one of my absolute favorite poems (and what was sent to Z) I thought I'd share it again.

If you ever have the chance to see Mike McGee read his poetry in person, I highly recommend finding a date near you and going to see him. 

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