Weekly Workout {Week 22}

17 December, 2015

CrossFit has it's own weird lingo. I totally recognize how bizarre and slightly inappropriate some of it can sound.

One of the terms that is used quite a bit is Rx. More times than not when walking into the box, people will be talking about whether or not they are going to Rx that days WOD.

To Rx a WOD means to complete the WOD prescribed or as written without any modifications.

Most of the time, I'm not even close to doing the WOD's Rx. I'm not strong enough to do pull ups without bands, I typically have to adjust the weights on the barbells, step ups are substituted for box jumps (this is a total mental challenge at this point) and double unders still confound me. And even though the workouts are really you against yourself, it's hard to not look at the other athletes and be a bit frustrated that you aren't at the same level they are.

So, when I am able to Rx a workout, its a pretty big deal.

Just recently I moved from using the 10# medicine ball for wallball shots to the 14# medicine ball during the WODS. One wouldn't think that 4lbs. would make such a difference, but holy wow did it ever! One of the workouts we did looked a little like this.....
AMRAP-15 minutes
10 x Wallball Shots 14#
10 x Russian Kettlebell Swings 35# 
200m Run

I'm used to doing kettlebell swings at 45# so using a 35# kettlebell was a nice little break, but holy crap were my arms on fire during the wallball shots. It's crazy to think that a 200m run would be a nice break, but I definitely welcomed it to give the 'ole arms a bit of a rest. I finished the AMRAP 6 + 7 (6 full rounds, plus 7 reps) which was spectacular. My goal was 5 round, so to get another 1.5 rounds was really awesome.

Even though I don't always feel like it, it's workouts like that one that remind me that I am indeed getting strong and that I need to embrace the process, no matter how slow it may seem.

Monday: CrossFit
Tuesday: Walk with Bandit + CrossFit
Wednesday: Off
Thursday: CrossFit
Friday: Walk with Bandit
Saturday: Walk with Bandit
Sunday: Off

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