Weekly Workout {Week 21}

10 December, 2015

Normally when I look at a workout and think, "Oh, that doesn't look too bad!" it is the exact opposite. Instead of being "not so bad", the workout ends up being awful and I end up feeling like I am going to pass out, although apparently seeing stars is apparently a good thing in CrossFit--what can I say, it's a crazy sport.

But finally, FINALLY, there were 2 workouts this week that didn't look too bad and actually ended up being a whole lot of fun

One of the things I love about CrossFit is that no two days are the same. One day it might be a lot of bodyweight exercises mixed with cardio, while the next day might be a lot of Olympic lifts and good old fashioned running.

My favorite of this past week was a workout that included 5 stations. With the exception of the first and last station, each movement was completed at our own pace (unless timed). It was a nice change from the pressure of a traditional AMRAP or Metcon.

The stations looked a little like this:

Station One: Emom 10
5 Front Squats @ 55#
5 Hanging Leg Raises

I think this was my favorite station. I've been struggling mightily with my front squats because of this dang hip flexor that will NOT release. But finally, FINALLY, it is starting to ease up and my squats are lookin' good again.

Station Two: 3 Rounds
10 Supinated Ring Rows
10 Push Ups

I hate push ups. I HATE them. The ring rows were good though.

Station Three
1 Minute Farmers Hold 35#
150 Single Jump Ropes
1 Minute Farmers Hold 35#
150 Single Jump Ropes
Max Effort Farmers Hold 35#

Ah yes. Single jump ropes. Because we didn't do enough of them last week. But the real fun in this workout was the Farmers Hold. Basically, you just stand there holding a 35# kettlebell in each hand. One thing I'm trying to improve is my grip strength. It's pretty terrible and effects all kinds of things, so any chance I get to do something to help improve that is extremely helpful. Enter, max effort farmers hold. At first, I wanted to go for at least 2 minutes but then 2 turned into 3 which turned into 4. I finally bailed at 5 minutes, but definitely felt like I could have held them for longer. They didn't feel heavy at all!

Station Four: 2 Rounds
100 Flutter Kicks
75 Banded Good Mornings
50 Ab Mat Situps
25 Supermans

This took Ugh. I hated this station.

Station Five: AMRAP
3 minutes Wall Ball shots w/14# medicine ball
-1 minute rest-
3 minutes jumping lunges

This station was counted as our "score" for the day. Between the 2 sets, I managed a a total of 143 reps. I'm not entirely sure my lunges were all that great, but it was a tough 6 minutes of work after having worked through the previous 4 stations.

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