Sunday Confessions

13 December, 2015

Hooked // It's that time of year again where I have the itch to crochet. Not that I need any new ones, but I've been making hats all weekend. Just basic beanies, but one can never have too many colors to choose from! It's also been a great way to use up my massive yarn stash.

Doctor Who // While whipping up the new hats, I've been re-watching Doctor Who. I've started with the 9th Doctor and am working my way back to the newest season. I'm fairly certain it will always be a toss up between the Ninth and Tenth Doctors when it comes to my favorite.

Jessica Jones // Speaking of the Tenth Doctor, the only reason I am watching Jessica Jones is because David Tennent is in it. I don't care if he is the bad guy. I love him just the same.

New Year // I've already started thinking about 2016. I don't do new year resolutions and don't intend on starting now, but I've definitely got some goals in mind. They are all fitness related, but I'm all kinds of o.k. with that. I've got some things I'd like to accomplish.

Sunday Confessions

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