New Year Goals & Suggestions

31 December, 2015

It’s that time of year again! A time to look forward to the next 365 days.

In the past, I have always shied away from New Year Resolutions and have gone with New Year Suggestions instead.  It’s hard to put down on paper what you want when you really don’t know what that is.

But this year I’m putting some goals down for myself to work towards. I feel like they are a good balance of “That’s totally doable!” to “Good luck with that.”

Run a Race // I swear I feel like this goes on the list every year and yet, I still have not run a dang race. Part of the problem is training for the actual race. It was so much easier to get my run on when I had a gym membership and could hit the treadmill for my runs (I’m one of those rare folks who actually doesn’t mind running on the treadmill). Now that I don’t have a gym membership, I’ve totally fallen off the running bandwagon and need to get back on!

Double Unders // Gah….these things are awful, but you know what is more awful? Having to complete three times as many single jump ropes at double-unders when they are part of the WOD.

Read 25 Books // I set myself the same goal of reading a certain number of books each year. And no matter how high or how low that goal is, I never reach it. But this is my year! I can’t feel it. I think.

Learn to Knit // For the most part, I’ve got the crochet thing down. Hats, lovies, blankets and scarves—we’re good to go.  But it seems like every time I come across a pattern that I think looks really cute it ends up being a pattern for knitting and not crocheting (although my friend Vickie says the same thing—she’s a knitter and feels like all the cute patterns are for crocheting and not knitting). So, we’re going to take to Youtube and try to figure this thing out!

Lift All the Weight // Well, maybe not all the weight but at least some of it. I have a few weight lifting goals that I’d like to achieve this year:
Bench Press: 125lbs
Deadlift: 275lbs
Front Squat: 150lbs
I have NO idea how to really even set weight lifting goals, but these three lifts (I just PR’d my back squat, otherwise it would be on the list, too) are ones we work on quite often and are the ones I’d like to improve.

Be Open. Be Honest. Be Hurtable. // I’ll dive into this a bit more in a future post, but it all comes down to being asked one question, “What do you want?” I can’t live a life in fear or worrying about “what if”. Its time I set aside many of my fears  (which are unwarranted) and start asking for and getting what I want, even if it hurts a little bit in the process.

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