Weekly Workout {Week 17}

12 November, 2015

Ahhh! It's so nice to say that I actually had a good week of workouts.

At some point last week, I realized in the midst of eating all the cheat meals I could come across, it as this time last year that I parted ways with my personal trainer. I don't know how or if that was connected to the funk I found myself in, but I thought it was interesting.


This weeks workouts were all oddly fun AND I completed my first CrossFit workout at Rx, which is always exciting.

On Wednesday, my friend Sarah joined me at CrossFit and it ended up being a partner WOD. She and I were of course a team and had a blast! The WOD was broken up into 2 AMRAPs:

Round 1:
Partner A: 500m Row

Partner B: ME Tire Flip

Round 2:
Partner A: 200 meter sled pull 90#
Partner B: ME Kettlebell swing 35#

The "pace" of each round was dictated by Partner A. During round 1, Partner B would flip the tire as many times as possible while Partner A rowed 500 meters. During round 2, Partner B would do as many kettlebell swings as possible while Partner A pulled the sled for 200m.

It was so much fun! In the past, I have purposely avoided workouts that included tire flips because those dang tires are intimidating! But once I had one flip under my belt, I was good to go. And rowing, I learned, is totally my jam. I LOVED every meter of my 500m rowing sessions. I could do that stuff all day long.

Monday: CrossFit
Tuesday: 2.6 mile run
Wednesday: CrossFit
Thursday: CrossFit
Friday: Off
Saturday: 2.4 mile walk
Sunday: 1.8 mile mountain hike

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