Sunday Confessions

08 November, 2015

Spaaahhh // Since I have a ridiculous number of gift certificates for the spa at the resort I used to work at, I treated myself to a deep tissue massage with my favorite masseuse this weekend. I definitely needed it--the last couple of week have been way too stressful. It was a much needed break and my shoulders feel sooooo much better!

 Gettin' Crafty // I decided that embrace my inner Martha Stewart and took on the diy challenge of turning my old tshirts into workout tank tops. I'll do a full post on the process and my thoughts about the whole thing, but I have to say, I dig it.

Scale Free // It wasn't meant to be an "experiment" but that is exactly what it is turning into.  We all know that the scale doesn't tell the "whole story" when you're on a journey to get fit. And I wouldn't say I had been "obsessing" about it, but tracking/checking my weight wasn't making me feel very good about myself. I did my usual first of the month weigh-in, but then tucked the scale away. I'm excited to see how I feel at the end of the month about NOT knowing how much I weigh and how that effects my overall mental health. 

Sunday Confessions

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