Sunday Confessions

22 November, 2015

Person of Interest // I have become OBSESSED with this show. Season 2 got a little weird, but holy crap I can't get enough.

Winter is Coming // Actually, winter has already arrived.
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Bandit and I went out for a long walk this morning which was both fantastic and treacherous. Bandit LOVES the snow and likes to throw him self into snow banks. This is all fine and good unless you are attached to the other end of his leash. I thankfully didn't have any falls, but there were some close calls.

Dead & Company // Last weekend my friend Heather and I headed to Columbus, OH to see the Dead & Company. I had planned on doing a whole post about it but then the world went to shit and it just didn't seem like the best thing to do. It was an odd mixture of spending a night out, enjoying some amazing music and hanging out with my best friend while being reminded that attacks like the one in Paris really can happen at any time, at any kind of a venue.

Sunday Confessions

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