Weekly Workout {Week 14}

21 October, 2015

Heed my advice.....if you ever.....EVER see 400m walking lunges for a workout just turn around and walk away. Let my foolishness save you and your quads.

I knew going into Monday's workout it was going to be rough. I just didn't expect to be so uncomfortable afterwards, that I'd wake myself up in the middle of the night every time I tried to roll over in bed for THREE NIGHTS STRAIGHT.

I mean COME ON. That's isn't normal. At all.

The sore quads weren't all due to walking lunges. The rest of the workout was pretty leg heavy, which just added to the discomfort. The entire workout was set up like this:
200m walking lunges
3 rounds of...
20 x wallball shots 10#
20 x knees to elbows
20 x med ball cleans 10#
20 x hand release push ups
end with 200m walking lunges

To say my quads were on fire would be an understatement. Even walking to the first station after the first 200m was TOUGH. And by the end of the workout, I was ready to pass out. But I finished in in 36:27 minutes.

Thursdays workout was, dare I say, a whole lot of fun. Let's be honest though, anytime a workout includes deadlifts is going to be a good workout.

This particular workout was a ladder: 21-15-9-15-21 for time and included:
Ring Rows (because I can't do a pull up)
Deadlifts (my FAVORITE!) at 135lbs.
Bench Dips (because I can't do a ring dip)

I had kind of a lofty goal of doing the workout in under 15 minutes. I watched the class before me and it seemed like that was the time most folks were finishing at.

Sometimes goals are good. Other times they make you question WHY you decided to do the deadlift at Rx weight because by the time you finish 81 deadlifts at 135#, your arms feel like noodles. I pushed as hard as I could and even though I didn't quite finish by my goal time, I did finish in a respectable 15:40 minutes, which was the 3rd fastest time of the day at the box!

All in all, it was a good week.

Monday: CrossFit (WOD = workout of death)
Tuesday: CrossFit
Wednesday: 2.25 mile walk
Thursday: CrossFit
Friday: 1.8 mile walk
Saturday: Off
Sunday: 2.3 mile walk

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