Sunday Confessions

18 October, 2015

Monotony // My days are pretty much the same, all the, sleep, work and workout. Maybe not always in the order, but still. The same day in and day out. And I'm kind of o.k. with that. I'm kind of loving my life and routine right now and throwing in anything extra like a night out with friends makes it that much better.

My Own Thing // I've been struggling recently with "'doing my own thing". It's not that I'm not LOVING having something that I do by myself. It's that I don't want my friends to join me. Like, at all! But no matter how much I just want to do somethings solo, each and every time someone says "I'll totally come with you!" I politely smile and say "That'd be great." even though my internal monologue is screaming "NOOOOOOOOO!".

With Age Comes Wisdom // My birthday was this past week and every birthday my dad asks me if I feel older. This is the first year I feel like I can honestly say, "Yes, I feel older". But I don't feel "old", I feel wiser. There have been a few things that have happened this week that would have sent me into a tailspin, but instead, there is a calm that reminds that life goes on and that internalizing the behaviors of others serves me no purpose. 

Sunday Confessions

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