Sunday Confessions

27 September, 2015

Whoops // Totally thought I hit "publish" on this post and then had a minor freakout that my blog was broken.'s been a day.

Exhausted // So. Last week I didn't work out. AT ALL. This week I jumped back in and holy sweet mother of pearl did it kick my ass. In a good way. But now all I want to do is sleep.

Frustration Station // For the last two and a half years I've been dealing with a nagging hip issue. First I saw a regular physical therapist for it, which was o.k. and now I'm seeing a chiropractor, whom I like to refer to as Funkalicious (although I would never say that to his face--he already thinks I'm weird).  I had been making some serious progress with the Funk man and had managed to feel "well" enough to only have to see him every other week. Awesome. But at my last appointment, it all fell apart. The hip issue has now turned into an IT band issue which is causing a knee issue which is not helping with ankle issue (stupid handstand). Now I'm going twice a week because even the simple act of walking up a flight of stairs is ridiculously painful. 

Sunday Confessions

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