Sunday Confessions

20 September, 2015

Social Hour // On Friday, I went to a little going away party for a guy from work. It was kind of weird to be invited out to a social gathering with people I work with. I'm still not quite over the shock of how different things can be when you no longer work in HR but I had a great time. It's fun being social again.

All the Books // Not only do I have time to read, but I actually WANT to read and now work with people who enjoy reading AND talking about books. I'm trying to make my way through my ridiculous "to read" pile (paperbacks and digital) without adding to it, but it is SO HARD. I literally have to speed walk past my favorite downtown bookstore for fear that I pop in, "just to have a look around", and walk out with a half dozen new titles.

End Scene // Yesterday saw my last photoshoot of my "professional" career. I'm officially putting away the camera for non-personal projects. It's bitter sweet, but it's the right thing to do. I've not the time, energy or passion for it any more. 

Sunday Confessions

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