Sunday Confessions

13 September, 2015

Impulse Buy // Last weekend I had a casual conversation with my parents about possibly getting a new car. Thursday after work, my dad and I stopped by a local dealership just to see what they had, test drove an Outback and an Avenger, whether or not I could afford either, etc. Friday I drove home my new car! I went with the Avenger, because honestly, who doesn't want a car that has almost the same name as one of your favorite movies? I've decided to name the car Loki.

Loki // Before everyone starts freaking out, I do in fact know Loki was not officially part of The Avengers. But he's my favorite. Love me that trickster God!

D // I reached out to D....errr....well.....Drew this week. I've been feeling GOOD about my workouts, but something has been missing. And on a day when I was just feeling plain "off", I shot him a long, slightly rambling email that actually did have a legitimate question buried in there. Even though I was thrilled that he emailed me back, there was still part of me that was missing something. And that something is having a coach, a trainer. I may need to look into rectifying this.

Photographer // I have been doing paid photoshoots on and off for the last 6 years. Sometimes they are fun, but most of the time I dread them. So I've decided to put the camera away, "professionally" at least. I have one last senior photoshoot scheduled for this fall, but then after that, I'm done. It'll be weird being able to just focus on personal projects and not have to worry about making sure the photographs are up to someone elses "standards". 

Sunday Confessions

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