Weekly Workouts {Week 5}

17 August, 2015

This week has been full of all kinds of ups and downs.

Work was terrible early in the week which resulted in a lot of post-work naps. It also didn't help that I've been getting up at 4:30am every morning. But yeah, when I'm stressed out, I sleep and all that extra afternoon sleep resulted in me sleeping through Tuesday's CrossFit session. Awesome.

Even though I only made it to CrossFit once this week, it ended up being really fun night. The warm up was done in the rain, we did deadlifts (I like deadlifts. Deadlifts are my favorite) and the WOD....oh the WOD. I nearly kicked it's ass but was 3......THREE......wall ball shots sorts of a solid 10 rounds (it was AMRAP: each round included 5 Power Cleans-45#, 10 knees to elbows and 15 wall-ball shots-10# for 20 minutes).

Sarah (she is the one to blame for getting me into CrossFit) and I were all smiles though when we were done.

Action shot taken during the WOD!

My weekend HIIT workouts this week were courtesy of Nicole over at Pumps & Iron. She posted a kettlebell workout which kicked my ass. I don't normally do the same workout two days in a row, but I really liked this one. Saturday was 20 minutes and Sunday was 30 minutes. Those two extra rounds were TOUGH.

Monday: Off
Tuesday: Off
Wednesday: Off
Thursday: Walk with Bandit + CrossFit
Friday: Walk with Bandit
Saturday: Walk with Bandit + HIIT
Sunday: Walk with Bandit + HIIT

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