Weekly Workouts {Week 3}

05 August, 2015

I totally need a new name for this series.

And I'm totally up for suggestions!

Anywho.....first things first.

I have QUITE an extensive wardrobe of fun tank tops for my workouts. I figure if I'm not going to be great at doing them, I might well look good while doing them. I think the one I received this week is my favorite:
A photo posted by Meg M (@meglmy) on

I mean seriously. How fun is that!

Last week was kind of hit or miss. I've been absolutely exhausted, which has not made working out fun. PLUS, it's been wicked hot with like 1000000% humidity. I was not made for this kind of weather. But, 4 out of 7 days isn't so bad really.'s a new month, so new goals! Well. I didn't exactly have ANY goals for July so I'm not sure saying "New Goals!" is all that accurate. Oh well.

Keeping it pretty low key this month. So, this month my plan it to:

  • Stay within my macros. Those damn carbs get me every stickin' time.
  • Go to CrossFit twice a week
  • Start running again
Nothing too terribly difficult. All stuff I have done before, but have let slip.

As for the workouts, my days looked a little like this......

Monday: Off
Tuesday: Cross Fit
Wednesday: Off
Thursday: HIIT
Friday: Off
Saturday: HIIT + 1.5 mile walk
Sunday: HIIT + 1 mile walk

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