Sunday Confessions

09 August, 2015

Reality Bites // I knew when I decided to take a job in health care, things weren't always going to be awesome. Not that they were always awesome in hospitality, but this is on a whole different level when things aren't great. It's no longer about having to deal with angry guests who don't think their pillows are fluffy enough or that it is too hot outside (I'll never forget the day I had an angry lady yelling at me because it was too outside to golf and I needed to do something about it---apparently you should all fear me and my ability to control the weather). The stakes are higher and the impacts are life changing. Rationally, I knew it would eventually happen, that a patient would pass while I was at work, but I guess I never thought it would happen to quickly after starting my job and for it to be someone I knew personally.

Bookworm // Hoe. Lee. Crap. I have actually finished reading a book. In fact, since July 21 I have finished reading 6 books. Granted, I had previously started a couple of them, one I bailed on three-quarters of the way through. But before that, the last book I read was in February. Eeesh. Regardless of the gap in time, it was really nice to finally nice to spend some time with a book I couldn't put down.

All Over the Place // My brain has been ALL over the place lately. I have the attention span of a gnat which doesn't really lend itself to getting things done. Which is extremely frustrating and explains why I have almost a dozen half written posts in Drafts

Sunday Confessions

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