Sunday Confessions

30 August, 2015

Fall // I am legitimately excited that fall is right around the corner. And it has nothing to do with pumpkin spiced anything coming. Because I have never had pumpkin spiced stuff.

Beast Mode // This term was thrown around a lot from the coaches at the Cross Fit box I attend when describing how well I did during the workouts this week. So, that's awesomely awkward.

Barbell Club // I'm kind of thinking about signing myself up for one, just so I can lift. I absolutely LOVE it and kind of like the idea of just doing that for awhile.

Set Up // Apparently, a friends husband had a lengthy conversation with one of his friends about introducing the two of us. When he was telling me about it last night he said, "There is one bad thing about him? He's a butcher." Personally I feel like it's a built in romantic comedy: He's a butcher. She's a vegetarian. Will he be able to accept her, even though she doesn't like bacon?! Dun dun duuuunnnn!

Sunday Confessions

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