Sunday Confessions

16 August, 2015

Bad Human // I'm feeling like an awful human to Bandit right now, but I am SO FRUSTRATED with him. I get it. It's freaking hot and humid and awful outside, but I still need to get out and do my exercise thing. If I don't take him with me, he FREAKS out (I've lost track of how many bruises I have from him headbutting me) and turns into a 90lbs. whining mess. But if I do take him with me, I literally have to drag him the entire time. And forget going to the lake for him to cool off......he won't go in the water and sits by the car, crying and howling until we leave. I am at my wits end, but then we have mornings that result in photos like this and I'm reminded of how much I love the big guy.
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I Can't vs. I Am Unable To  vs. I Choose Not To // I've been seeing a lot of blog posts, Facebook posts, Twitter posts from people saying that "can't" do something. Whether it be "I can't do *insert name of activity*" or "I can't eat *insert name of food*" or "I can't wear *insert particular article of clothing*" or whatever. I've made a very conscious decision recently to stop using the phrase "I can't". It just feels like starting a sentence, regardless of the topic, with those two words is already setting ourselves up for defeat. We have enough things working against us in this world. Why work against ourselves? Why not take ownership of the things in our lives that we can control? I've noticed by making that relatively simple change of saying "I am unable to do that" or "I'm choosing not to do something" had made a big impact on how I feel about things. I feel less anxious about some of my decisions and even feel a little hopeful that some of these things I'm currently unable to do will soon become things I do all the time. 

Sunday Confessions

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