Weekly Workouts {Week 1}

22 July, 2015

The best part about starting over is that it is a reminder that you didn't quit.

This week wasn't all about getting on track with my new workout schedule. It was really all about easing back into routines and good habits. That meant keeping myself on a consistent sleep schedule, getting back on the intermittent fasting train, readjusting my macros and just plain getting used to my schedule.

Exhausting, right!

At first, yes. I was having some ridiculous flashbacks to last summer when I started all of this with Drew (Oh D, how I still miss thee) and how frustrating it was. But as I made my way through the week, it all started to come back to me and was less intimidating. It's like my body knew exactly what was going on and my brain just needed to catch up.

My new schedule is going to be the biggest adjustment but in reality, it's going to be awesome. I have never really been a morning person. There are few things I love more than being snuggled up in my blankets in bed, so in the past, working out in the morning has always been a struggle. But with my new work schedule (6:45am to 3:15pm <--the 15 minute thing is weird, but it is actually kind of great), that really isn't going to be an issue because I refuse REFUSE to get up at 4:30a.m. to get in a workout. Once I get signed up at the gym, getting out of work by 3:15pm every day means I'll be able to the gym and ready to go by 3:30pm and home by 5pm every night. And on CrossFit nights, it's even better!

As for "tracking the results", I'm going to go with the ever popular BEFORE and AFTER photos. We all know the scale totally lies and doesn't give us an accurate sense of how much stronger we are than when we start these kinds of journeys. I thought I'd share the before/after photo that I recently took on the 1 year anniversary of this whole thing:
A photo posted by Meg M (@meglmy) on
Crazy, right!? It's hard to wrap my brain around how different I look in those 2 photos, because when I don't see them side-by-side, I don't see the girl on the right. I still see the girl on the left, but that's a different post for a different day. What I do see though, is all the hard work I've put in at the gym and how strong I look. Those are the results that mean something to me and I can't WAIT to see how much stronger I get over the next year.

Weekly Recap
Monday: 1 mile walk with Bandit
Tuesday: 1.25 miles walk with Bandit + CrossFit
Wednesday: Off
Thursday: CrossFit
Friday: 1.15 miles walk with Bandit
Saturday: HIIT Workout
Sunday: 1.25 miles

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